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Woods at Hilltop, 2017, oil on panel, 9 x 12 inches

Woods at Hilltop, 2017, oil on panel, 9 x 12 inches


ron milewicz  


january 6 – february 10, 2018

opening: saturday, january 6, 3-6 pm

Elizabeth Harris Gallery is pleased to present Upland, an exhibition of new work by Ron Milewicz. This will be his fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. It will feature paintings and drawings based on the rural landscape of upstate New York. 

For two years Milewicz made drawings in the woods, approaching nature simply and directly with only pencil and paper. In these intimately scaled portrayals of trees, meadows, ponds, and skies, the silvery graphite is seemingly soaked into the soft cotton paper. Critic David Ebony writes in his exhibition essay: “Milewicz trees are no ordinary specimens . . . the trees appear as spectral presences. Nurtured by ethereal light, crystalline air, and vaporous clouds of moisture—conveyed by finely nuanced tonal shifts—these ancient, ancestral trees possess firm roots and an insistent verticality.” Milewicz’s absorption into nature is evident, and the drawings are suffused with solitude. 

Milewicz began making paintings of his drawings of landscapes. Relying on memories that are as much emotional as visual, Milewicz’s paintings are faithful to both interior and exterior experience. They regard nature as a spiritual wellspring, a view Milewicz shares with artists ranging from the Chinese scholar-painter to the American Luminist. His works assert the overwhelming truth of Nature’s elemental and mystical power.  Reverence, however, is not confused with nostalgia. Conscious of the contemporary existential threat to Nature, Milewicz's depictions of landscape can be seen as elegies for the landscape itself. They present Nature’s force along with its vulnerability, silently marveling at the central miracle of being while admitting the miraculous fact of inevitable dissolution.     

At the core of these works is their quiet refusal to restrict themselves to a single vantage point - physical, emotional or philosophical. In Milewicz’s landscapes, as in his previous cityscapes and still-lifes, multiple subjects - personal, universal and appropriately un-nameable - underlie the images, giving them their beguiling mystery and presence. As Ebony concludes in his essay, “In Milewicz’s metaphorical picture-language, trees resign themselves to command a terrestrial domain, yet persistently strive to attain a heavenly realm.”

Ron Milewicz was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. He studied biology and art history at Cornell University (1979-83), received a master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture (1983-86), and attended the New York Studio School (1990-1994) where he has taught drawing and painting for a decade and a half. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, has been widely reviewed, and is represented in numerous private and public collections. He lives and works in Queens, New York, and Gallatin, New York.

The gallery is located at 529 West 20th Street, 6th floor, and is open Tuesday – Saturday, 11-6.

A reception for the artist will take place on Saturday, January 6 from 3-6 pm.

For further information contact Miles Manning at 212-463-9666